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Aristokratia | Two


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Aristokratia II continues to work with philosophy outside of the average readers comfort zone; conjuring forbidden ideas from the past and creating new heresies for the future. Unapologetically and without compromise, Aristokratia II takes the reader deep into a world of scathing criticism, aimed at the contemporary apocalypse created by a 'post-modern world'. Here, new idols and new heresies have been created in the post-modern world; new tablets to break and new values to inscribe. Aristokratia looks to a world in which the restoration of the traditional is the most reactionary act, and the greatest revolt, perceiving the modern world as one of confinement and stifling conformity of thought where the greatest sin is to question and to think. Aristokratia Volume II concentrates on the work of the Italian philosopher Julius Evola, providing in-depth studies of his work. The book also features articles relating to Friedrich Nietzsche, Nicholas Gómez Dávila, Fernando Pessoa, Plato, Kautilya/Chanakya and general philosophy.
We want to be a danger, a challenge, and an indictment…of all that is weak and directed toward compromising solutions, and which stands enslaved by prevailing opinion and small-minded adaptations to the moment…the unmoving protest against the tyranny of the economic and the social that insolently permeates everything, and against the decline of any higher viewpoint into the most pitiable humanism.” – Julius Evola
Content includes: Unfashionable Observations: Philosophies Against Time (K. Deva) Homo Modernus: An Evolian-Gomezian Portrait of Modern Man (Marek Rostowski) Corporatism as a Perennial Method of Traditional Social Organisation (K. R. Bolton) The Once and Future King: The Philosophy of Julius Evola (Gwendolyn Taunton) Europe: A Sudden Flash of Will - An Interview with Azsacra Zarathustra The Eldritch Evola (James O'Meara) Meditazioni delle vette: Julius Evola & the Metaphysics of Alpinism (Marek Rostowski) Emperor of the Sun: Vedic Models of Polity & the Arthaśāstra (Gwendolyn Taunton) The King's True Champion (Colin Liddell) Androgyne (Boris Nad) Nietzsche's Olympian Synthesis (Gwendolyn Taunton) Der Ubermensch: A Holy Yes to Life (Azsacra Zarathustra) Fernando Pessoa as Portugal: Prometheus Unchained (Pedro Vistas) Oblivion and Discourse of Being (Boris Nad) Plus More Articles Book Reviews