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Too Much of Nothing | An Anthology of Anti-Economic Thought


Image of Too Much of Nothing | An Anthology of Anti-Economic Thought
"The most crudely false aspect of Marx's theory resides in his so-called critique of economics where, in the guise of a critic, he incessantly upholds the viewpoint of economics itself. Economics is only a theory of the world. It is the dominant theory of the world today and today only, since it is this world that created it expressly for that purpose. Economics, being a lie about the true nature of the world, like any self-respecting lie, is first a lie about its own lying nature. Like religion, economics is a total phantasmagoria, but without any of religions revelatory aspects. It is purely a damper. The real project of surmounting the economy is none other than that of overthrowing a chimera. And this requires nothing other than to overthrow it in thought, because this is where chimeras live. If the economy is the central part of anything, it is only the central part of dominant thought, the central part of the dominant lie. Refuting a lie is to reveal what the lie aims to conceal and what, in a certain way, the lie itself reveals through the very care it takes to conceal it." —Jean-Pierre Voyer
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