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About UA

This is Underworld Amusements direct mail-order site. While it's main purpose is to provide a "one-stop-shop" for all of our own projects, increasingly we are distributing more items from other small presses, some that have no internet presence at all. The items are selected by myself, Kevin I. Slaugher, because I find them interesting or delightful, but not necessarily agreeable. 

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us using the "CONTACT" link on the navigation bar to the left.

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These two quotes encapsulate the method and motivation of my work. I've posted them at various times and at various places, but they bear repeating and rereading:

“I hope I need not confess that a large part of my stock in trade consists of platitudes rescued from the cobwebbed shelves of yesterday… This borrowing and refurbishing of shop-worn goods, as a matter of fact, is the invariable habit of traders in ideas, at all times and everywhere. It is not, however, that all the conceivable human notions have been thought out; it is simply, to be quite honest, that the sort of men who volunteer to think out new ones seldom, if ever, have wind enough for a full day’s work.”
—H.L. Mencken, from “In Defense of Women”

“I write because I wish to make for ideas, which are my ideas, a place in the world. If I could foresee that these ideas must take from you peace of mind and repose, if in these ideas that I sow I should see the germs of bloody wars and even the cause of the ruins of many generations, I would nevertheless continue to spread them. It is neither for the love of you nor even for the love of truth that I express what I think. No—I sing! I sing because I am a singer. If I use you in this way, it is because I have need of your ears!"
—Max Stirner


"I’d like to recommend The Sorceries and Scandals of Satan by Henry Tinchenor, sold here by Underworld Amusements. Just finished this book, I feel as if it should be placed in every bathroom stall worldwide. What a well written book, which at times had me despising organized religion more than I had previously. I don’t know if Kevin personally has a hand in bringing all of these books back to life, but bravo! On this one sir." 

 “I just want to state for the record that Underworld Amusements is very professional in handling orders, aesthetically pleasing and very well put together in general. You can always count on UA to not only deliver the goods, but do it in style and with a dab of humor. Exhibit A: When I was notified of my orders payment, it was sent via ‘thecreep@underworldamusements.com’. Well played Sir, well played.”

"I received my copy of 'The Sorceries and Scandals of Satan'. It was a great purchase that arrived in less than three business days and packaged in appropriately durable cardboard. I opened it to find the cover art was even more striking than it appeared on the website. I am grateful that in a world of free books online that are full of glaring mistakes and omissions there is a publisher that takes pride in printing a product of quality and relevance. I will be ordering more of your books soon."