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Aristokratia | Three


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“And now, O men who have condemned me, I would fain prophesy to you; for I am about to die, and that is the hour in which men are gifted with prophetic power. And I prophesy to you who are my murderers, that immediately after my death punishment far heavier than you have inflicted on me will surely await you. Me you have killed because you wanted to escape the accuser, and not to give an account of your lives. But that will not be as you suppose: far otherwise. For I say that there will be more accusers of you than there are now; accusers whom hitherto I have restrained: and as they are younger they will be more severe with you, and you will be more offended at them.” – Socrates
The third volume of Aristokratia concentrates on the original premises of Greek philosophy and theories revolving around the organization of the state, polis, aristos and the demos.

Aristokratia III: Hellas returns us to the foundation of modern politics, deep in the history of ancient Greece. From the Homeric heroes and the birth of Aristocracy through to the rise (and subsequent collapse) of Democracy, the ideas of Plato, and the military might of Sparta – Aristokratia III presents Greece to us in its days of glory – and brutally reminds us that the failures of their political system were eerily similar to our own.

Continuing through to the modern era, we are then presented by new philosophies, articles, book reviews and topics relevant to contemporary society.

Content Includes

• The Form of the Good: The Natural Order of the State
• The Platonic Ontology of Justice: Crafts, the Forms, and Political Leadership
• Herodotus on Oracles, Dreams, and Gods
• Lycurgus and the Creation of the Spartan Warrior State
• Plato and the Divine
• Apollonius of Tyana and the Alternative Empire
• Transcendence and the Aristocratic Principle:
‘Throne and Altar’ as Essential Criteria for Civilisation and National Particularism; Defence against Demotic Tyranny
• Nietzsche the Visionary: A Reflection on the Nature of a Civilization Guided by Nietzschean Values
• Mircea Eliade’s ‘Traditionalism’: Appearance and Reality
• The End of American History
• Freedom of the Overman: Revolutionary Language of the Overman par excellence
• The Beauty of Monarchy
• The Relevance of Philosophy to Political Change
• Beyond the Black Sun: A New Path Through the Center
• Zombies vs. Vampires: Expressions of Socio-Political Fears in Horror Film

Plus book reviews and more…..