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Cult of Revolution (1994) | Robert N. Taylor | Lt.Ed. 66


Image of Cult of Revolution (1994) | Robert N. Taylor | Lt.Ed. 66

In 1967, musician and counter-cultural figure Robert N. Taylor took part the infamous 1994 Cult Rapture gallery show, curated by Adam Parfrey. Other artists included were: Dr Jack Kevorkian, Joe Coleman, Paul Loffoley, Rodney Vanworth, Dick Kramer, George Highman, Leilah Wendell, Charles Manson, Rex Church, Charles Krafft, Jeffrey Dixon, Unarius, Partridge Family Temple, Universal Order, Christian Patriots.

The 16 page booklet contains illustrations and writing from different periods of RNT's life including pieces written for the show itself. Taylor says: "That was all written in one evening. Pasted up, printed and collated and stapled. The next morn I left with about 200 copies for the opening of the exhibit."

We have produced a limited facsimile edition of the booklet and 56 were paired with limited edition t-shirts or gifted to the author or collaborators. Only 9 are available for sale alone.

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