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Egoist Ecologies


Image of Egoist Ecologies

This pamphlet collects new writings exploring the convergence of egoism and the nonhuman world. Exploring primitivism, identity, ecology, rural life, and other topics, this collection seeks to complicate the widely-held perception that egoism lacks an engagement with the non-human world.

What will hopefully come across with the range of voices in this painphlet i: that egoism operates, like all ideas, as an influence, and that when any single set of ideas becomes codified into a position, it loses, in becoming political, its anarchistic vigor. Moreover, when our egoist ideas cross-pollinate with experience: in the nonhuman world, then our critique of civilization, domestication, and our existence under contemporary society can explode into an expansiveness that exceed: ourselves nothing short of such a corrosive consciousness can destroy the walls and character armor so carefully welded into our minds and our world: by aeon: of authority.

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