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Flag for a New World Order | Robert N. Taylor × Underworld Amusements | Ltd. Edition


Image of Flag for a New World Order | Robert N. Taylor × Underworld Amusements | Ltd. Edition
  • Image of Flag for a New World Order | Robert N. Taylor × Underworld Amusements | Ltd. Edition
NOTICE: Manufacturing process begins February 3rd. Only add a small number of shirts are added on top of thepre-order numbers, and that is all that will be available for order after the 4th. Allow 30 days.
Package: 1. "Flag for a New World Order" t-shirt
2. Facsimile The Cult of Revolution booklet.
3. Set of 1" pinback buttons.

In 1967, musician and counter-cultural figure Robert N. Taylor first illustrated "Flag for a New World Order", a stygian lampoon of the instantly recognizable logo of the United Nations. It was later rendered into a 2 x 3 foot artwork to be installed as part of the infamous 1994 Cult Rapture gallery show, curated by Adam Parfrey. Other artists included were: Dr Jack Kevorkian, Joe Coleman, Paul Loffoley, Rodney Vanworth, Dick Kramer, George Highman, Leilah Wendell, Charles Manson, Rex Church, Charles Krafft, Jeffrey Dixon, Unarius, Partridge Family Temple, Universal Order, Christian Patriots.

Exactly 50 years after its creation, Underworld Amusements teams up with Robert N. Taylor to pull this sigil against the globalist puppeteers out of the sketchbook and off the gallery wall and onto the chests of the riders of tigers, aristocrats of the kali yuga.

This limited edition t-shirt is screen printed on a super soft 52% combed and ring-spun cotton/48% poly Bella + Canvas jersey tee (3001).

The 16 page booklet contains illustrations and writing from different periods of RNT's life including pieces written for the show itself. Taylor says: "That was all written in one evening. Pasted up, printed and collated and stapled. The next morn I left with about 200 copies for the opening of the exhibit."

Robert N. Taylor was born in 1945, and grew up in a working-class neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. As a member of both the psychedelic underground as well as the anti-communist paramilitary organization The Minutemen, Taylor participated directly in the violent social upheavals of the 1960s. In 1969, he started the music group Changes with his cousin Nicholas Tesluk. After its revival in 1996, the group would go on to become a seminal part of the American apocalyptic folk genre. Taylor was also an early exponent of Germanic heathenry, or Ásatrú, in North America, and is the founder of the Wulfing Tribe. An accomplished writer and graphic artist, his ideas continue to resonate throughout the subcultural underground.