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Infinite Variety: Writings By Individualist-Anarchist Women


Image of Infinite Variety: Writings By Individualist-Anarchist Women

Taking inspiration from the lack of female authors in the essential collection Enemies of Society by Ardent Press, the editor of this volume, Cora Bell Lee, gathered pieces from Adeline Champney, Fraulein Lepper, and Sara Bard Field.

A collection of writings by obscure individualist anarchist women of the late 19th/early 20th century. Some of the material originally appeared in Emma Goldman's American anarchist journal Mother Earth.

Contents: What Is Worth While? A Study of Conduct, from the Viewpoint of the Man Awake by Adeline Champney The Price of Progress by Adeline Champney Congratulations-Plus by Adeline Champney Why Women Need Egoism by Fraulein Lepper My Debt to Anarchism by Sara Bard Field
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