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Kevin I. Slaughter's Deleted Tweets

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Image of Kevin I. Slaughter's Deleted Tweets
After I attained a thousand twitter followers I decided to delete my account and have no more than 50 followers at any time, and no more than 30 tweets in my history. I have maintained that more or less ever since. But the "good tweets" I was having a difficult time deleting were piling up and getting back to and under 30 was more and more difficult. I did not want to be the caretaker of these thoughts any longer, and I did not want Twitter to keep them. They need caretakers who will decide their fate, and I need to be done with them. I purchased nine pre-stamped postcards and typed out nine of the best tweets that I wrote, noted the date of the original tweet on the other side, and now offer them to you. One unique aphorism, sentiment or snark, typed on a postcard and addressed to you for $6.66. Any unsold cards at the end of the year will be mailed to the Library of Congress where I imagine they will be quickly thrown away. The tweets these are transcribed from (sometimes verbatim, sometimes loosely) have already been deleted.
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