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SA1010 | Martyrdom of Percy Whitcomb | Ltd.Ed.66


Image of SA1010 | Martyrdom of Percy Whitcomb | Ltd.Ed.66
3rd issue of the egoist journal "Stand Alone". Limited to 66 copies. 34 pages, 5.25x8.5", Saddle-stitched booklet
50 available for purchase, 16 used for trades, and gifts.
A story written by Erwin McCall (John Basil Barnhill), the editor of the Nietzschean/Stirnerite journal The Eagle and the Serpent. With introduction by Trevor Blake, author of Confessions of a Failed Egoist and Other Essays.
“A sad story of a United States Methodist minister, who, coming to see the falsity of his faith, blows out his brains at a Church Congress at Chicago. The story is told with feeling, and even eloquence; but there is a suspicion of juvenility and rant about it...” -The Freethinker, Volume XVII, Number 42 (October 24, 1897) “I used to wonder very much why X, Y, and Z, who were so inspired on the theory of Christian brotherhood, never seemed to do anything in the practice of that creed. This was a puzzle to me till I found out who were sitting in the pews of their churches. Real estate robbery, interest and dividends robbery in every form of legitimized plunder, had its representatives in those pews; and these men were the solid members of the church. There is only one thing which could make life tolerable to me-I would have some inducement to life if I could see any possibility of exposing these huge hypocrisies; but no one knows, who has not beaten his head against its seven-walled citadel, how vain are all ordinary methods of attack upon this omnipotent octopus of legalized and Christianized plunderism.” -from Chapter IV
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