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NVSQVAM (nowhere) | Ann Sterzinger


Image of NVSQVAM (nowhere) | Ann Sterzinger

What’s next? Male cervical cancer?
Somebody said that alienation was a disease of the middle class. Probably Marx, but Lester Reichartsen doesn’t have time to look it up. A decade ago, Lester was kicked out of the most popular punk band in Chicago. Since then he’s been party to an accidental pregnancy, talked into marrying the other party, and roped into an academic career in Classical Letters, so time won’t allow him to be curious about anything outside his discipline. Anyway, if whoever said that was right, Lester is middle class for sure: the island of college-town academics he lives on now makes him feel almost as alien as the village of Bible-Belt idiots that surrounds it. But then why is it that, when some meth-head breaks into his little family’s crappy apartment, the only thing they find of value to steal is his five-year-old computer? If this is the middle class, then he doesn’t want to know what’s below it.