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Ralph Borsodi: Reshaping Modern Culture | Mildred J. Loomis


Image of Ralph Borsodi: Reshaping Modern Culture | Mildred J. Loomis
NOTE: These are "new old stock" items. This book was printed in a limited edition of only 300 copies in 1992 and is now quite rare. We have obtained an unopened case of books, with the printers mailing label. Copies are in as new condition. A remarkable find of a rare biography of a fascinating figure.
Ralph Borsodi was the father of the back to the land movement and Mildred Loomis was his greatest advocate. This is the only biography of Ralph Borsodi, a real "Mad Man" of the 20s who turned against the mediocrity machine and set up a homestead with his family and dedicated the rest of his life to the pursuit of comfort as opposed to consumption. Not just for himself, but for anyone who would hear. First through his equal part practical how to and philosophical manifesto This Ugly Civilization and then through the more approachable Flight from the City. Intellectually inspired by Henry George, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Benjamin R. Tucker and others.

Moving his family to a home in the country was his first lab, and then that was extended to other communities and into the creation of the School of Living, the vehicle to relate his ideas to reteach adults about how to live more in harmony with the land, and as independently as possible from the factory system and factory mindset it fosters.

Mildred Loomis joined the School of Living and became it's most articulate and prolific advocate. She was the editor of their journals, wrote many of the articles and also ran much of the Schools activities for many years, appearing with Borsodi when they would speak to universities and various organizations.

Decentralism, self-reliance, healthy eating and a rejection of the mass mind were part of the main message of Borsodi and Loomis. How can man live comfortably without being subservient to the factory, to society?
Ralph Borsodi: Reshaping Modern Culture is the first and only book length biography of Ralph Borsodi and history of the School of Living. The publication of the book was started by Loomis but after a stroke and subsequent death in 1985, it would be many years for the manuscript to be edited into the final book, and even then some parts went missing and some of the text was illegible. Finally, in April 1992, 300 copies were printed and it became increasingly scarce since that time. Recently a small number of copies were found in unopened cases and are offered for the first time in years.
NOTE: These books were printed and bound by a small press/bindery three decades ago and may not be the sturdiest binding. Because it is a very limited edition item and long out of print, it is sold as-is.