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Rejecting the Reification of Revolt


Image of Rejecting the Reification of Revolt
Because Leftism is the active perception of social struggle as a political program, it is ideological from top to bottom. The struggle of the Left does not grow out of the desires, needs and dreams of the living individuals exploited, oppressed, dominated and dispossessed by this society. It is not the activity of people striving to re-appropriate their own lives and seeking the tools necessary for doing so. Rather it is an authoritarian program formulated in the minds of leftist leaders or in organizational prescriptions that exists above and before people's individual struggles and to which these latter are to subordinate themselves. The two essays gathered here argue for the necessity of freeing the practice of anarchy from the confines of politics by shedding the last vestiges of leftism and going on our merry way toward the unmapped creation of full and self-determined lives. As with most of our offerings, this pamphlet is a testing ground for what is conditioned (identity politics, useless/fruitless "activism" and other red herrings) and what is authentically desired.
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