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The Match | Summer 2017 | Issue 116

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Image of The Match | Summer 2017 | Issue 116

Since 1969 editor Fred Woodworth has published the internationally-known anarchist zine, The Match! from his home in Tucson, Arizona. The Match! has consistently questioned authoritarian government, society, and religion since the magazine’s inception. Computers, organized religion, the police, the U.S. Census, jury duty, and the bookselling industry are just a few of the institutions regularly disparaged in its pages.
The Match! is known not only for its non-digital typography and graphics, but also for its extensive letters section.

Fred states in the beginning o this issue: "...after this present issue, I'm dropping the word "Anarchist" ... Our movement has actually gone in this rotten and criminal direction, or it is so appallingly ineffectual that it cannot prevent even the most transparent deliberate discreditations. There's no other way of putting a spin on this reality: Anarchism as a political or anti-political entity with a name, has failed, and the name itself now signals, more often than not, something that no thoughtful or ethical person should want to be associated with."